Project Visibility

Physiotherapy in Sport, Fitness and Wellness



6th Conference on Sport, Fitness and Wellness, sponsored by Health Ministry and Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Naftalan, was held on October 8 in Ivanić Grad. One of the speakers was prof. Cvota Gregov who once again presented the project at an important scientific gathering. The main objective of her presentation was injury prevention and how to improve injury prevention system in Croatian sport. Thanks to the conference, We Care becomes even more integrated into Croatian sport and scientific sphere. 

Veteran and Recreational Athletes Association

Project Coordinator, Prof. Cvita Gregov participated in a meeting of Veteran and Recreational Athletes Association. This time, the members gathered to discuss a topic regarding health protection of athletes.


This was a perfect situation for We Care project to be presented. By sharing our ideas, the meeting was based on the importance of athletes’ health and the legal background of it in Croatia.Also, project Active in Sport Again led by the Veteran and Recreational Athletes Association, organises medical check ups for retired athletes. In that way, just like We Care project, they care about ex athletes and their health and future. A new cooperation has been made as well as important conclusions regarding sport system in Croatia. To find out more about project Active in Sport Again click on the link!

Novi Sad Meeting

Our project coordinator prof. Cvita Gregov, PhD and project partners from Novi Sad, Serbia met for a working meeting. They discussed in order to share knowledge and information regarding injury prevention. Prof. Marko Stojanović, PhD, and Darinka Korovljev PhD welcomed Cvita Gregov at the Faculty of sport and physical education. 



The objective of this meeting was to discuss the importance of injury prevention in top level athletes and to share different approaches and experiences with elite athletes.The next steps in the project were analysed and agreed upon in order to start with the establishments of National care and development centers for athletes. The project was presented at the National Television of Vojvodina and afterwards to the student at the Faculty. With positive feedback we are continuing our work in order to make a difference. 

Strength and Conditioning Conference

This February, once again, Conference on Physical Conditioning of Athletes took place at the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb. Numerous famous international and Croatian coaches and scientist participated and once again contributed to the field. 



With injury prevention as the main objective of her presentation, prof. Gregov talked about the problems in sport clubs in Croatia and the lack of a system which focuses on injury prevention programs and education of coaches and athletes. This allowed guests of the conference to hear more about the goals and ideas of the project and in that way to be introduced in the future plans. Having affirmative feedback and comments, our project teams are continuing with the hard work. The conference is an excellent platform for sharing new findings and has once again showed a large interest from students, professors, and scientists. In addition, on the first day of the conference, our project coordinator prof. Cvita Gregov talked about the project We Care. 

Workshop with FC Partizan

With joint forces Croatia, Serbia an Slovenia are in a process of establishing National Care and development Centers as on of the main goals of the WE CARE Project.

Therefore, asking our elite athletes about their specific needs during their career, through interviews, workshops and official questionnaire continues…


One more important step towards that goal was participation of the famous Serbian football club “Partizan” whose players took part in WE CARE questionnaire! We would like to thank them for participating and completing our WE CARE questionnaire for active athletes. The players also participated in injury prevention workshop held by our collaborating Professor Marko Stojanović, PhD, who is Partizan’s physical conditioning coach. Prof. Stojanović also held a lecture regarding development of National Care and development centres which will be supporting athletes in injury prevention strategies and future careers. 

We wish the players a lot of success in the future competitions! 

Update on Questionnaires

After launching the questionnaires many active and former athletes responded and have completed it. We Care teams are working on collecting information regarding athletes’ needs in their sport careers in order to use that info for development of National Centers. 

Questionnaires will be open throughout the entire time of the project.