The main goal of this project is to establish a specialized center for care and development of athletes. The reality is that this part of Europe, including Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia, do not have institutions regarding care and development of athletes. The lack of help and solutions leads to large number of athletes quitting sport because of (a) not being able to handle both athletic and student career and (b) due to serious injuries which occurred but could be prevented with an adequate medical support. On the other hand, countries such as Spain, Norway and USA have a long tradition of caring for their athletes with help of appropriate institutions, knowledge and tools which have been leading those nations towards great results, and more importantly allowed their athletes to have healthy and successful dual careers. In addition, these partner countries will be of a great help in creating these centers in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. Throughout the next three years, there will be 7 work packets each covering different parts of the project in order to successfully establish the centers. Also, one of the most important sections of the project is injury prevention and creation of a large data base regarding injuries and their treatment in top level athletes. Finally, with enough information about the problems in athletes’ careers, we will be able to develop a center which will lead them through their dual careers and help them find a new one after the end of their active sport life.