Transnational Project Meetings

4. Meeting (Hybrid), December 2021

3. Meeting (Online), October 2020

2. Meeting (Online), May 2020

Third Transnational Project Meeting, again, due to Covid-19 situation was held online. All the teams participated in order to discuss and report work that has been done by now and to conclude on our next steps. The main focus of the meeting was reporting on collected data regarding questionnaires presented by Spanish teams led by Toni Caparros (INEFC Team) and Xavier Balius (CAR Team). Also, one of the most important topics that was discussed were guidelines on injury prevention strategies presented by Kathrin Steffen and Cvita Gregov. Also, a crucial objective of the meeting was further work on dissemination of the project (social media exposure, reaching to more athletes etc.). The exact agenda can be checked here

1. Meeting, January 2020 - Kick-off meeting in Zagreb

KICK OFF meeting was held in Zagreb, Croatia, at the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb. After introducing all the teams from partner institutions, the first Work Packet was discussed in order to start with creation of questionnaires for athletes. The goal is to collect as much data as possible from top level athletes, and to create a large data base which will help in establishing the National centers. In order to understand what athletes need, there is no better way than to ask them directly, in an anonymous online questionnaire,

All the information regrading the questionnaires will be posted on the Website and our official Facebook page, and to read KICK OFF agenda click on the link.