4. Slovenia (Ljubljana) Conference/MSE – December 19th 2022

Presentation of We Care project results with our team at Fakulteta za šport in Ljubljana on December 19th 2022.

3. Serbia (Novi Sad) Conference/MSE – December 12th 2022

Presentation of the We Care project results from our team in Fakultet sporta i fizičkog vaspitanja and Care and Development Center established in Novi Sad 🏀⚽️🏠📚 MSE Agenda

2. Croatia (Zagreb) Conference/MSE – December 8th 2022

The final event of the project, the International Conference “Prevention of injuries and education of athletes: comprehensive long-term development” – took place on Thursday, December 8, 2022 and was attended by more than a hundred participants – athletes (current and former), students, sports workers and numerous other stakeholders important for the care of athletes. MSE agenda.

1. Iceland (Reykjavík) Conference/MSE – December 6th 2022

Iceland National Conference “Is it possible to help students become elite athletes and help them succeed in professional life after retirement” as one of the multiplier sport events for We Care project held by our partners from Reykjavik University on December 6th 2022 📚🤾‍♀️🤾🏂🏆 MSE agenda